Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Graveyard Book

Title:     The Graveyard Book
Author: Neil Gaiman
Rating:  5.0 /5.0

I actually read this book for about two years ago, and it gave me shivers, I tell you! Then, I came across it when I was cleaning my bookshelf-and voila! I immediately devoured it (again).

One thing I loved about this book is that Mr. Gaiman doesn't tell. He shows. He puts a lot of details that will keep your brain working and will make you ask questions like:

"What is Silas?" or "Is Scarlett Indian?" etc.

There are also times when I read the same sentences over and over again because it's just too heartbreaking or heart-thumping. If you've never felt sorry for a fictional character before, you will now. Nobody Owens (a.k.a. Bod) is one of those innocent children that you just want to protect for the rest of his life. You're heart'll probably go pitter-patter while reading the last two chapters of the book. It was INTENSE. You'll be also wishing your family were ghosts...well, not really.

Anyway, this book is a must-read-before-you-die. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

"...But between now and then, there was Life; and Bod walked into it with his eyes and his heart wide open." 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nine's Legacy

Title:     I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy
Author: Pittacus Lore
Format: Ebook
Rating:     3.5 / 5.0

I was actually unaware that another "Lost Files" book was coming out until I saw it weeks after its release. I was expecting a lot from this book especially since I enjoyed a lot from the first "Lost Files' spin off. However, I was slightly disappointed after reading this and here's why:

Nine's story was very similar to that of Four's: days of endless training, no social life and a stupid girl that distracted them. Reading this book was like reading I Am Number Four all over again except that it was shortened 99x. Another thing that ticked me off was the romance. Can you say, cheesy? I'm pretty sure this series is being read mostly by guys so I don't get why they have to put a whole chunk of romance when it only needed a dash of it. I also think Pittacus Lore strongly believes in love at first sight.

Now, enough of all the negative stuff and let's move over to the pros. Can you say, ACTION? Oh yes. THIS is what we're looking for! Nine also has developed more Legacies than Four so we get to see more of his butt-kicking moves. What I also love is that the ending perfectly fit the climax of The Power of Six. (I suggest you read PoS first before reading this). Lastly, it was simple. Which was good since there were no redundant parts in the book.

To conclude, I think Nine's Legacy is a perfect short read while waiting for the 3rd book of the Lorien Legacies to come out. It has a whole lot of action, the plot is simple and if you like cheesy romance (yuck) this book is for you.